Sunday, 6 April 2008

Terror Perverse Comments

Some Survey comments so far for Terror Perverse Film Girl in The Lift starring Hana Liska.

"Lighting was too dark at times, otherwise great! "

"Don.t like the absence of chapters. Makesw it hard to go straight to a scene near the end of the film. I did like the methods used on Hannah. "

"Not happy that the girl survived. Would be nice to see something like this where the victim meets the same fate as the Fantom Kiler girls do."

"a more fleshed out story/plot perhaps, a few more people in the cast. a little more like the fantom kiler films".

"Loved the theme, realization, nudity, explicitness!~ LOVE HANA LISKA!!! I love hearing your Czech girls act in English, it turns me on!!I want to see Longer sex scenes. I WANT TO SEE HANA GET F**KED IN ALL HOLES BY A MAN (also more Lesbian rape of her would be fine) Love Hana in tight skirts!! Want to see extra blow job videos both with different girls AND THE GIRLS IN THE FILM IN POV STYLE!! Top choices-HANA FUCKED & FILM GIRLS DOING POV BLOW JOBS!


Some Survey comments so far for Terror Perverse Nina's Nightmares starring Maria Vaslova.

"It was excellent - but some actual graphic sex would be good. MF and/or FF."

"A great opportunity wasted. It could have better even than Girl in the Lift. But it backed off. The scene at the end for instance stopped just as it should have got interesting, with Nina surrounded by all the people/things. Should have carried on for a little at least."

"Didn't like the star that much. LOVED THE SHORT EXTRA FILM & THAT BABE!! Liked the sleaze in general. Felt some scenes could have been extended, especially that last cut one at end. Wanted to see her "get it in the end"! More hot Euro girl extras too. Keep up the good sleaze!"


"Is there to be a Fantom Seducer 3 or 4?" (Teraz: No .... not yet)

"I don't think you would make the things I could come up with. As you say, this series is about limits and I don't think there is another series of films out there that come close to what you do. Keep up the good work, but don't back off. GITL went as far or further than I hoped. NN didn't."

"More bondage and torture. Add more make-up effects, including bloodwork, bruising and gore. Have the girl escape at some point, but have her recaptured to face even more extreme punishment. At the climax, have the victim slowly expire. I mean, if you're going to call something "Terror Perverse", why hold anything back? BTW... Your questionnaire forces me to answer the NN questions, even though I have not seen it. I rated everything "good" -- though obviously I have no way of knowing.

"the thing i love about these films is that they are unique! every aspect of them is artistic in a way that no other erotic horror can match. i have been a fan since FK1 and have enjoyed every following release to date. i am a little worried now that you will change something about your productions due to responses to your poll. i hope that you don't allow yourselves to be swayed to dramatically from your current course. keep up the good work, i both admire and enjoy your unique visions and hope to enjoy many more productions into the future! thank you!"

"I love it when you have hot Czech, etc. stripper babes in situations of rough sex, torture, pissing (yeah!), etc. Dress 'em up in hot sexy , tight clothes, 'n' rip 'em off. Long teasing, stripping, scenes are good too,. Love to see movie girls doing POV blow jobs as extras. Loved that scene with the girl backing away from the drill that was cut in the earlier film(brunette)-Wanted that to be fully done! Stripper in the garage hot, but focus on her pumpin' naked 'n' panty teasing parts. Hana Liska getting fucked, please! MORE STACY SILVER BEING RAVAGED TOO! I'm really a nice guy and would never harm any one BUT your flicks allow me to vent my Dark Side in a comfortable way. Thanks."

Production has already begun on Mark of the Whip 2. We hope to see a release date towards the end of this year.

Fantom Kiler 4 released

The eagerly awaited Fantom Kiler 4 has now been released,

Anyone wanting to check out the exploits of the worlds most misogynistic killer (or should I say Kiler) can purchase it from

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